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What is KODEX?

KODEX is a simple, interactive platform for creating and managing unique interactive experiences. It’s as easy as choosing an Experience template, uploading your content, and adding it to any touchscreen kiosk in your facility. It’s that easy!

Need to be flexible?

We feel your pain! Interactives can be expensive and hard to update. So we designed a scalable, flexible platform that allows you to add more content, make updates, or build something entirely new – all from your web browser.

Relax. You’ve got this.

Interactives made easy.

Our custom content management system was designed for anyone, regardless of technical expertise, to use with ease.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Our Experiences


Customizable with Dates


Immersive Photography


Large-scale, Multi-user Experience


Flexible Content


Comprehensive Customization

How does it work?

After choosing an Experience template, simply collect and organize the content you want to showcase, upload it to the KODEX Content Management System (from anywhere at any time), then preview your uploaded content on your interactive displays.

It’s that easy!


Our Specialties


Organizations are choosing KODEX to bolster brand identity and corporate image, as well as target messaging to their employees and guests in spaces like lobbies or employee-focused areas.


Higher-learning institutions are filled with technology lovers…so give it to them! KODEX lets you change and edit your content as often as you like to keep up with the fast-paced tempo of today’s college campuses.


KODEX allows you to add an interactive layer to temporary exhibits without the “permanent” price. Flexible and approachable, this platform makes adding tech interactives to exhibits easy and affordable.


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