Knowledge is Power.

We live in a time where value needs to be proven. We get it. That’s why we’ve added Metrics and Analytics tracking to all KODEX Experiences!


  • Compare collections or experience types against each other

  • View total number of times a section or assets is accessed

  • Customize timeframe to look at data over different time periods.


  • See exactly what content your audience is interacting with

  • Continued improvement in how you structure collections for your audience

  • Identify important timeframes for your KODEX installations

Inside your KODEX Content Management System, click the Analytics Summary button and unlock the power of knowledge to help you create and maintain your KODEX Collections.


Any Ideas?

As always, we’re here for you. We’ll keep listening so if you have a metric or interesting data concept you’d like to see tracked by KODEX, just let us know. The power of these types of metrics has only begun to benefit our KODEX partners and we’ll no doubt keep adding and improving these capabilities in the future!