Make searching for content by name easy.

The Grid Experience supports comprehensive content with customizable fields to support your unique needs. Show off the stories that you need to tell A-Z with its searchable, sortable features.


  • Explore via a simple scroll feature or by alphabetical index

  • Selected image reveals text and allows for limitless amounts of supporting images, video, and audio

  • Four data fields that can be customized for each Grid Experience (e.g. Birth, Year Inducted, etc)

  • Ability to customize design elements to match your brand or environmental needs

  • A centralized content management system (CMS) can be updated from any web browser

  • Admin control panel allows you to manage multiple interactives across multiple kiosks

How does this Experience apply to me?

Here are a few ways to use the Grid Experience. Bet you can come up with more!

  • Create a staff directory in your corporate lobby

  • Provide staff and faculty bios in each departmental office

  • Illustrate the live specimens in a zoo or aquarium exhibit