Interact with stories through the lens of time.

With the Timeline Experience, you can tell media-rich stories that include images, videos and audio files. And, because you can add or update content any time, your story doesn’t have to end when the interactive goes live.


  • Dynamic head-on view of Timeline as events fly toward and away from you

  • Category content pages contain flexible text area and can support massive amounts of media

  • Multiple ways for users to navigate through time

  • Full-screen viewing of images and video with easy navigation and pausing

  • Ability to customize design elements to match your brand or environmental needs

  • A centralized content management system (CMS) can be updated from any web browser

  • Admin control panel allows you to manage multiple interactives across multiple kiosks

How does this Experience apply to me?

Here are a few ways to use the Timeline Experience. Bet you can come up with more!

  • Share your corporate history in your office lobby

  • Tell a biographical story complete with baby pictures and video memories

  • Outline illustrated timelines from art history, western civ, or other historical periods

  • Show students the rich history of their college campus or Greek organization

  • Help museum visitors grapple with geological time through a visual timeline